We believe in the transformative power of peer support.

Peer Supporters listen, provide emotional support, and most importantly, inspire hope.

Our Focus

To promote the preservation of mental health in Blackpool and
to assist in relieving and rehabilitating persons suffering from mental disorder or
conditions of emotional or mental distress through the provision of support, education and advocacy.


Spread the word about our program. Even a small donation will make a huge difference.


Do you have special skills or would like to teach a class/workshop?


What is Peer support?

Peer supporters, have lived experience with mental health and recovery, and are trained to provide safe and effective support to other adults experiencing mental health challenges.

Having “been there” themselves, a peer supporter can listen and respond from a place of true understanding. Being in a different place in their recovery process, they can communicate hope and optimism.

The values of respect, choice and mutual sharing form the basis of the relationship.

Past Events



The best Halloween sleepover party we have ever organised.


Walk The Lights

Our annual Walk the Lights events was our best supported yet.


Christmas Day

Our Christmas day 2019 lunch.

Our Focus

All our volunteers have lived experience of mental health.





Peer Support


Our Plan

On January 5th 2021, we left our home of 3 years and moved to a new town centre location. 

In the near future we will apply for additional funding  to enable us to run more therapy sessions. We also plan to start life-skills sessions and workshops.