About Us

We provide safe and effective support to other adults experiencing mental health challenges.

Since 2018

We started in February 2018 as a support group for people with mental health problems. We found that there were a lot of people like us who had been in and out of services but hadn’t found a way to get better.

We noticed that people seemed to thrive when they started being included in a group and built support systems and started getting better.

We opened more sessions to meet demand but now we are looking for our own building so we can support everybody who needs it.

With support from Great Places Housing association, we were able to become a charity in early 2020.

In January 2021 we moved to our current home allowing us to offer more services and additional opening times.

How does it work ?

At our Monday to Friday get together, people can expect to be welcomed in a friendly environment.

There are activities offered but nobody is pressured to do anything they don’t want to. You are more than welcome to come along and have a chat with other people with mental health problems about any issues you have or just in general.

You are welcome to stay for the full session or just part. Anyone can join if they think they have mental health problems. They do not need a diagnosis and there are no waiting lists.

Our Partners & Sponsors

We gratefully acknowledge the support of our partners and sponsors.